How to Choose a Blog Niche: Combining Motivation with Monetization

We live in a corporate world that tricks us into thinking that creativity and joy can’t be lucrative.

Just think of how many people toil away at a job they don’t actually like, simply to pay the bills, and can only pursue their real interests in their few “free” weekend hours. Heck, until a few years ago, was one of those people! Maybe you are too.

Starting a blog in the right niche gives you the opportunity to pursue joy and earn money doing it!

So let’s explore the importance of motivation and monetization in blogging and use that lesson to help you find the best niche for your new blog.

Why Do Monetization and Motivation Matter for My Blog?

I know, it seems like a silly question. Shane, you’re asking me why making money matters? Why feeling inspired and motivated matters? Helloooo?

But it’s still an important question to ask in the context of your blog! These elements play a huge role in how you will choose your blogging niche.

A niche is the main focus of your blog site’s content.For example, food, finance, or fashion. The most successful bloggers choose a niche that strategically combines their passion or motivation with monetization.

Monetization is a measure of how your blog niche can earn revenue. Does the niche lend itself to paid services or products? Ad revenue? Online courses? Affiliate marketing? If you want to earn an income from your blog (hint: yeah, you do!) then these considerations are essential.

Motivation, or joy, on the other hand, isn’t as tangible. It’s more of a feeling. What brings you excitement, passion, and inspiration, even when money isn’t involved? Selecting a niche within your realm of passion is essential for many reasons:

  • It keeps you going, even when things get tough
  • You’re more likely to take pride in your work
  • Readers are drawn to the energy they see shining through your writing

Prioritizing just joy or only monetization won’t create the success you’re craving. But together, a niche that encompasses both is unstoppable.

How to Choose the Perfect Blogging Niche

Choosing the perfect blogging niche isn’t like playing Pin the Tail on the Donkey. You can’t just close your eyes, pick your spot, and hope you get it right. 

Instead, selecting the best blog niche to combine passion and profitability is achieved using this simple three-step strategy. 

Step #1: List Your Interests

You can’t create a successful blog on a topic that bores you to tears. It just doesn’t work. 

That’s why Step 1 instructs you to make a list of topics that genuinely interest you. You might be surprised by the length of your list once you start brainstorming. 

Take Action: The list above is a great starting point, but it’s not all-encompassing. Ask yourself these questions to dig deeper into your list of interests and passions:

  1. What subject(s) can I talk about for hours?
  2. Do my friends and family consider me the “Go-To” expert on specific topics?
  3. What do I love doing in my free time?

Since this is the first stage in the process, don’t overthink it. Just get those creative juices flowing. 

Step #2: Narrow Your List of Interests Based on Profitability

Passion is important, but as we’ve already discussed, an element of profitability is crucial to your blog’s success. 

Some interests align better than others with profitable opportunities, so it’s time to narrow your list of contenders. offers an inspiring example of how to create a blog that’s lucrative while still supported by a genuine passion.

Three friends began casually writing about their beer-drinking thoughts and experiences. Over the past ten years, their blog has grown into a well-respected and monetized craft beer authority. 

The trick is to refine your topic so it’s not too broad or too narrow. A blog covering dozens of topics may lack focus and lose readers. On the other hand, a blog with an extremely narrow focus may struggle to build an audience large enough to generate profit. 

Take Action: Use these techniques to narrow down your list of interests and strike the perfect balance between broad and narrow:

  1. Consider combining two interests. Do any of your interests complement each other? If so, you can combine those semi-related interests to create a unique blog niche with valuable content.
  2. Find a unique angle. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, but select a topic you can tackle with a fresh approach. This will set your blog apart from the competition and remind readers why your content adds even more value. 
  3. Envision your target audience. Who will read your blogs? Does your target audience include enough people to make your blog profitable?

Work through your list of interests using these considerations. In the end, you should have a shortlist of potential winning ideas. 

Step #3: Research Niche Keywords

Now it’s time to expand your process beyond your own musings. Keyword research is the process of identifying what people are searching for on search engines like Google and Bing. 

Performing keyword research helps you understand the level of competition and profitability behind specific keywords. It’s easier to map out a direction for your blog when you’re armed with the best keywords. 

It’s totally okay if you’re unfamiliar with keyword research. That’s why you’re here- to learn all about it. 

Take Action: Select one of your favorite niche ideas and create a list of potential search terms related to that topic. Ask yourself: What would a reader who’s interested in my niche probably search for on Google? 

Next, use my free Blog Name Generator. Just enter your search term ideas and the generator will provide a list of domain name suggestions that have corresponding available .com domains.

This isn’t a two-minute task. Take a few hours- or days, even- to explore the insights available in Google Keyword Planner. This is the best way to understand which ideas are worth your time and effort. 

Wrapping It Up

Cyberspace is packed with thousands of blogs, each vying for its slice of the pie. I know that feels overwhelming, and you might wonder how your new blog can possibly gain traction in the face of such competition.

But the truth is that a carefully honed niche is one of your best secret weapons. By selecting a niche that already combines your individual passions with the potential for profit, you set yourself up for success, not failure. 

In this post, we reviewed three essential steps to choose the perfect blogging niche:

  1. List your interests
  2. Narrow your interests based on profitability
  3.  Get familiar with keyword research

Do you know any blogger who aced (or spectacularly missed the mark) on combining passion and profitability in their blog niche? Tell us all about it in the comments section below. 

What’s Next?

Once you finalize your blogging niche, you need a domain name to officially claim your place online. Use these 4 Simple Steps to Choose a Domain Name as your guide. Then you can sign up for your hosting account and start building a thriving blog.

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